Members of the Board

Edgar Lincoln

President of Fan Foundation

Chris Skinner

Vice President of Fan Foundation

Norma Barrett-Lincoln

Secretary of Fan Foundation

Carol Lalicker

Member at Large

Michael Palmer

Member at Large

We are actively seeking new Board Members.

If you are interested in helping a local non-profit, please email:!


In 2010 Fan Foundation raised money to donate books to our local West Valley High School.

In 2015 Fan Foundation donated books to Centennial Middle School, West Valley High School and West Valley School District #363.

In 2018 Fan Foundation donated books to East Valley High School.

Fan Foundation President Edgar Lincoln donates books to East Valley High School, accompanied by East Valley High School Librarian Debbie Marro.

Mission Statement

The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and social purposes.

a.       We are dedicated to literacy and education through the promotion of visual and performing arts, literature, science, gaming and imagination.

b.       This is accomplished through support, mentoring, and oversight of member organizations.

We will seek to acquire and disburse grants, obtain and make charitable donations, and provide 501(c)3 protection and financial oversight.